Student Reviews

I want to recommend this trainer if you’re a bit nervous about handling and shooting a gun. Thanks to a bad case of PTSD, which I didn’t know much about at the time, I shook through my first gun class a few years ago. I went home and wrote a story titled “If I Carry a Concealed Weapon, Who’s Going to Carry Me?” While sipping a big glass of wine to help calm my frayed nerves. I hadn’t handled a gun since. Brian helped me to feel very comfortable with my gun, so I’m going to have to write a different story now.

Valerie J.

I attended the NRA CCW class with Brian. He made the class fun, educational and challenging. Rather than making the class a standard format, he determined the skill level of students and made the instruction valuable for the skill of the students. I’d take another class with Brian for sure.

John Spark